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PenTest+ Launch Strategy

The PenTest+ exam is now available worldwide at Pearson VUE. Although the exam is available everywhere, CompTIA will not market the exam to the public until August 21, 2018, in order to help our partners prepare to teach PenTest+.

During the three-week period from July 31 to August 21, please do the following:

  • Certify your instructors in PenTest+
  • Guide your instructors to view the PenTest+ train-the-trainer series
  • Select your courseware
  • Obtain, prepare and deliver hands-on labs


CompTIA PenTest+ is a certification for intermediate level cybersecurity professionals who are tasked with penetration testing to identify, exploit, report, and manage vulnerabilities on a network.

PenTest+ assesses the most up-to-date penetration testing, and vulnerability assessment and management skills necessary to determine the resiliency of the network against attacks. Successful candidates will have the intermediate skills and best practices required to customize assessment frameworks to effectively collaborate on and report findings, and communicate recommended strategies to improve the overall state of IT security.

Key Job Roles
Application Security Engineer
Penetration Tester
Vulnerability Tester
Security Analyst (II)
Network Security Operations
Application Security Vulnerability

CompTIA Cybersecurity Certification Path

CompTIA PenTest+ joins CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) at the intermediate-skills level of the cybersecurity career pathway as shown below. Depending on your course of study, PenTest+ and CySA+ can be taken in any order but typically follows the skills learned in Security+. While CySA+ focuses on defense through incident detection and response, PenTest+ focuses on offense through penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. Although the two exams teach opposing skills, they are dependent on one another. The most qualified cybersecurity professionals have both offensive and defensive skills. Earn the PenTest+ certification to grow your career within the CompTIA recommended cybersecurity career pathway.


Exam Details

Exam Code PT0-001
Launch Date July 31, 2018
Exam Description The CompTIA PenTest+ certification verifies that successful candidates have the knowledge and skills required to plan and scope an assessment, understand legal and compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, analyze data, and effectively report and communicate results.
Number of Questions Maximum of 85 questions
Type of Questions Multiple choice and performance-based
Length of Test 165 minutes
Passing Score 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
Recommended Experience Network+, Security+ or equivalent knowledge. Minimum of 3-4 years of hands-on information security or related experience. While there is no required prerequisite, PenTest+ is intended to follow CompTIA Security+ or equivalent experience and has a technical, hands-on focus.
Languages English
Retirement TBD - Usually three years after launch
Beta Exam Results Beta test takers will receive PenTest+ beta results after the July 31st exam certification launch.

Exam Objectives

The table below lists the domains measured by this examination and the extent to which they are represented.

1.0 Planning and Scoping
2.0 Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
3.0 Attacks and Exploits
4.0 Penetration Testing Tools
5.0 Reporting and Communication

Performance-Based Assessment

The performance-based PenTest+ exam will include hands-on simulations. These simulations require test-takers to perform penetration testing and vulnerability assessment job tasks during the exam. To prepare for these performance-based assessments, trainers, educators and publishers should emphasize open-source penetration and vulnerability tools and teamwork.