How to Purchase Vouchers

All Delivery and Content Partner Voucher Purchase Instructions

CompTIA Delivery and Content Partners are eligible to purchase discounted vouchers according to their partner level by accessing the CompTIA Marketplace or Pearson VUE's voucher store.

Purchasing Vouchers from Pearson VUE
You must use the Internet Explorer Web browser in order for the Voucher Store form to display correctly. Other Web browsers will not function properly and your voucher order may not be processed.

To complete a Pearson VUE voucher purchase:

  1. Go to Pearson VUE's CompTIA voucher store.
  2. In the online voucher order form, select where the testing will take place:
  3. All required fields are indicated with an *.
  4. Skip the site ID.
  5. Enter today's date in order date.
  6. Enter your organization's information in the bill to Section.
  7. In the ship to section, enter the email address only. CompTIA exam vouchers will be delivered to this email address.
  8. If applicable, enter your six-digit CompTIA member/partner ID number in CompTIA member/partner number. This will be validated so you will receive a discounted voucher price. Contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you do not know your ID number.
  9. If applicable, enter member/partner last name.
  10. Enter exam quantity, exam type and member level" from the drop-down menus.
  11. Enter the list price or if applicable your member/partner discounted price in the unit price field.
  12. Select the currency for where the exam will be taken.
  13. Enter method of payment. Vouchers are created after payment has been received and approved.
    • Credit cards are the preferred method of payment and are processed within two business days. It's important for you to provide all payment information as indicated.
    • Wire and ACH transfers are processed after receipt of payment.
    • For purchase orders see instructions below.
  14. Enter purchaser's name in the authorized purchaser signature field as your name appears on credit card.
  15. You must print a copy of the form before you click submit. You will not be able to retrieve the above information once submitted.

For a complete guide on how to purchase vouchers, visit CompTIA's voucher ordering process guide.