CompTIA Partner Summit

Partner Summit Online

The 2021 Partner Summit will be held Online July 20th- 22nd.

Transform Together

Embracing challenge and change leads to remarkable transformation.  As we emerge into the new normal together, it’s a time to reflect.

Do we have a renewed energy as we transform our workforce?  How has our organization evolved?  Are we incorporating new ways of teaching and learning?  Are we intentionally focused on new audiences that reflect the diversity we desire?

Partner Summit Online 2021, is a chance to connect and reflect on lessons learned.  It’s an opportunity to share best-practices, share experiences and transform together.  

2021 Transformation Award

Reflecting on our theme, Transform Together, CompTIA heralds the Transform Awards! Let’s recognize organizations whose exceptional transformations made a significant impact in delivering tech talent. Check out the Partner Awards page to learn how your organization may submit an application.

Visit the Partner Summit Website for details.

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